Short Stories

Song of FortuneUmbrella Factory, February 2024

A mysterious gift, a series of blessings–has Patrick’s life finally turned around?

Behind the Red DoorThe Whisky Blot, April 2022

A couple is offered the gift of a lifetime, but their anniversary celebration may not last if they don’t consider all possible outcomes.

Fish FoodBindweed Magazine, October 2020

“Would you like to watch me feed my fish?” Is there something more sinister behind this seemingly innocent invitation?

Hands-Off ManagementTrouvaille Review, August 2020

He’s the greatest boss his employees have ever known, but nobody has ever guessed his incredible secret.

The Void – The Magnolia Review, April 2020

The object of a man’s obsession is tantalizingly close–how far is he willing to go?

From the themed issue “A Day that Changed Me”

BlockedPotato Soup Journal, April 2019

A family vacation–only 25 cents away from perfection.

Advance WarningTheme of Absence, October 2018

With some technological assistance, Abraham and his tow truck have won the town’s admiration, but knowing the future comes with a price.

The site also published an author interview along with the story.

SurrenderGhost Parachute, April 2017

A firefighter faces an impossible decision–time is running out, and he will live with his choice for the rest of his life.

This story was also included in the 2021 anthology Ghost Parachute: 105 Flash Fiction Stories.

Sheet music, red door, goldfish, and dusty book images courtesy of Pixabay (CC0); Bookshelf image courtesy of PxHere (CC0); Tollbooth image courtesy of Philip Halling, and Tow truck image courtesy of KOMU News [Flickr upload–image cropped, and identifying information on vehicles blurred] (both licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic); Firefighter image courtesy of (CC0)