Children’s Books

I have written a few children’s books, for which I am looking for agent representation. I like a lot of variety in my writing, so a couple of them rhyme, some are sweet, and others are fun (or even a bit ridiculous).

Simple Machines: Rosa and Marie’s Treehouse
Two girls are excited to learn that building a treehouse isn’t that difficult with STEM principles and some help from the six types of simple machines.

What they lack in grace, they make up for in…well, clumsiness. But what seems to be a weakness may actually be the only thing that can save the colony.

Moo, Moo, Kangaroo
“Moo!” says Kenny Kangaroo. “Grrrowl!” roars Georgia Giraffe. “Hoo! Hoo!” hoots Charlie Cheetah. With these sounds mixed up, and a nearsighted zookeeper on the loose, the animals need to work fast.

Something Blue

Something old? Something new? Something borrowed? Check, check, and check. But something blue? Can Cecilia find something just right for her sister’s wedding?

Thomas Tyrannosaurus Needs Help

Thomas can do everything by himself—but those coconuts are really high, and how can he open them anyway? Maybe some assistance would be nice—but he does get to show off his own special skill.

Tomato Tornado
When a storm hits, a young girl learns about tornadoes and how to stay safe, then uses her creativity and the damaged crops to help the town rebuild.

One Little Partridge
The animals from the Twelve Days of Christmas plan a hilarious Christmas party, all set to the tune of Five Little Monkeys. They’ve got it all—treats, games, and lots of music!

Monkey, Skunky, Elephant Trunky

Monkey and skunky get all gunky, then saved from mud by elephant trunky (with some help from brave chipmunky)—and that’s just the beginning of the adventure.

What to Dig, What to Dig?
Eddie Excavator only likes to dig in the rocks. But what about playing in the dirt, mud, or sand with his friends? Compromise isn’t easy, but friendship is worth it.

How to Be a 21st Century Princess

A true princess should be prim and proper, right? No time for playing sports or climbing trees? And a handsome prince will always save her from trouble? Maybe it’s time for an updated instruction manual.

Cranes, Trains, and Planes

A strain on the chain, a broken-down crane. Time down the drain, but no need to complain. From Ukraine down to Spain, by train to the plane. Hopefully soon we’ll be working again.

Middle of the night. A noise in the kitchen. A strange voice: “Braaains!” Time to run! (Don’t worry—the visitor isn’t so scary once you get to know him.)