Recent Publications:

I have been fascinated with storytelling my whole life. I’ve always wanted to know the “why” behind everything. Writing helps me find those “why”s and make up some of my own. Sometimes it comes from listening to people’s personal stories. There’s no substitute for talking to someone who actually lived the history. When you give people a chance to talk–whether family, friends, or strangers–there’s no knowing what experience, philosophy, or insights they may share. Sometimes it comes from reading. I get so caught up in learning that I once got locked inside a library when they closed for the evening (I had to explain to a security guard that I was so fixated on a book that I didn’t even notice the lights go out). When I seek out those “why”s, they can form the basis of a story to share with the world.

Another big passion is creative writing. My main focus is children’s books. Before I started teaching, I volunteered with my city’s One-to-One youth literacy program and loved seeing the students’ reading abilities and enjoyment grow every week. Later, I made up stories for my own kids’ bedtimes, and I wrote down some of their favourites. My hope is to get them published so they can be shared with other families as well.

I also love short stories and poetry. They can capture life experiences (sometimes with a little creative license), answer the “what if?” questions, or be a product of pure imagination. I love to do a bit of all three.

This site brings together some of the work I have published, other work that I hope to publish, and a bit of information about me. Click the links on the top menu bar to explore, read some of my work, learn about my writing, and follow me on social media for updates on my projects. Thanks for visiting!

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