Imploding the MemoriesNine: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture, Fall-Spring 2016-17

  • The majority of the stadiums I’ve visited have been demolished. Reminiscing about two games in Philadelphia.

LampshadeFoliate Oak, February 2013

  • Working to build a story around an unlikely comparison (and perhaps a hint of autobiography?)

Beautiful TerrorFoliate Oak, February 2013

  • Quick line breaks to capture the intense feelings of a scary drive.

The HuntFoliate Oak, February 2013

  • A true memory of meeting a man on a Louisiana backroad.

Written in the SandMouse Tales Press, 2012

  • Conveying a story in three lines.

Carefree Afternooninner art journal, September 2012

  • Memories of a timeless childhood tradition.

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