Children’s Books

I have written a few children’s books, for which I am looking for agent representation and/or a publisher. Here is a brief description of five of them:

Something Blue – Can Cecilia find four special items in time to make her sister’s wedding perfect?

How to Be a 21st Century Princess – Reminding girls that they don’t need to live up to old stereotypes to be perfect.


Moo, Moo, Kangaroo – A mix-up at the zoo creates panic. Who can sort everything out?




One Little Partridge – The Twelve Days of Christmas to the tune of Five Little Monkeys–the animals get together to plan a fun winter party!




Bumplebees! – A hive of clumsy bees will be evicted from the colony unless they learn to fly straight and collect pollen.




Cranes, Trains, and Planes – I don’t do much rhyming work, but I love the flow of this one. Tony’s crane breaks down, and it’s a lot of work to get the replacement part.